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VENTI VOLTE est. 2016 Kuwait

What does our logo mean?

Our logo has two V's and the number 20. They represent Venti Volte.

What does Venti Volte actually means?

Venti stands for No.20

Volte is italian for the word "times"

its simple and easy because simplicity and uniqueness is what we aim for.

How it all started?

What is the business ?

Venti Volte is a Kuwaiti brand that specialize in fashion production and accessories which is inspired by Italian elegance.

How did you come up with the idea and when was is executed?

 The idea came to me when i was a senior in high school but the timing wasn't right just yet, so i waited till i was ready and that happened when i was a junior in the university of Kuwait. 

What is the business main goal?

The goal is to encourage young people to go after what they want without fearing of failure and the obstacles that are gonna face them.

is there any interesting part of the business story and how it started?

Well i spent 3 months living in Italy to truly live the Italian vibes and get the simplicity plus the elegance of Italian fashion.

Who's behind the business ?

Founder :Thnayyan Al-Derbas

Co-founder: Anwar Al-Derbas 

Graphic designer: Amal Al-Shemmari

Management:Abdullah Al-Salem 

Web developer: Meshari Al-Jaber 

The interview was conducted with the founder Thnayyan Al-Derbas